Shocking mob family photo features a gangster, a granny and a whole lot of ganja

It’s La toke-a-nostra.

Reputed Lucchese mobster Vincent Bruno and his 95-year-old grandmother were captured in this court evidence photo with some herbs that are definitely not going in the Sunday sauce.

The picture showed the gangster and his walker-using granny standing next to several large bags that contained “20 or so pounds” of marijuana, according to testimony by a Mafia turncoat named Anthony Zoccolillo at a recent trial in which the image was entered into evidence.

The trial in White Plains, NY, involves murder conspiracy charges against four alleged Lucchese gangsters.

It was posted this week on Gang Land News by mob expert Jerry Capeci.

“What kind of gangster poses his elderly grandma with his dope?” he wrote.

Zoccolillo snapped the photo before Bruno was sent away for a 2012 drug trafficking case, Capeci notes.

The granny had made no mention later that year of ever having to maneuver her walker around a pile of pot when she wrote a letter to the sentencing judge on her grandson’s behalf.

“I miss my grandson so much,” Capeci quotes her letter to the judge saying.

“He may have made mistakes, but he is a good person,” she says of Bruno.

“Please find it in your heart to sentence him at the lower end, so I may once again have my grandson home with me.”

But prosecutors, at the time, noted that while he did help take care of her, Bruno “also exposed his grandmother to large amounts of marijuana and the risks inherent with that.”

A veteran mob lawyer who asked not to be named described the snapshot to Capeci this week using these words: “It’s the worst picture I’ve seen in all the years I’m doing this.”

In addition to his photography skills, Zoccolillo, incidently, is the former star of the short-lived, 2014 TLC reality show, Mama’s Boys of The Bronx.”

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