What’s Left of the Mob Nationally?

I’d say there are probably, give or take, approximately 12 to 14 fully active and functioning groups — although admittedly reduced in size and strength — in America today:

• The NYC Five….of course

• New Jersey

• Philadelphia

• New England

• Buffalo/Montreal, Canada

• Detroit……hanging by a thread

• Chicago………hanging by thread

• Milwaukee ?…..not even a thread

After that, in my opinion, the rest or whatever is left of the rest, probably constitute what could be categorized as glorified “crews” or a single “regime”, if even that…. not a full true “borgata” in the sense that we think of it as.

There are of course, many “cells”, for lack of a better word, operating throughout Canada (Toronto, etc), representing many families back in Calabria.

And I believe (IMO), that there are also some, if not many, such groups operating in the NY and NJ areas, South Florida, maybe Philly, etc., strategically placed, that have not yet been exposed or identified.

But I’m talking about the “traditional” 24 to 26 original LCN families that operated in the U.S., not Italy-based groups like the N’drangheta, Camorra, etc., who recently came here.

But as far as Cleveland, Tampa, New Orleans, Pittston, Pittsburgh, maybe Los Angeles, Kansas City, or St. Louis and other such cities that years ago had a formal Family structure, now have but a few single guys left, maybe 1 to 2 made men and some associates.

If anything, they are “just doing their thing” without any central command or kicking up or actually organized in any real fashion.

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