Colombo family mobster Fat Larry Sessa released from prison

Colombo crime family mobster Fat Larry Sessa has been released from prison after a year-long stretch for a parole violation.

Sessa plead guilty to racketeering charges back in 2012 and did 87 months. Since then he has been back in the can twice for violating conditions of his parole. The 53-year-old mobster claims he is trying to go legit and this last parole violation wasn’t what the feds made it out to be. He was in contact with Colombo family mobsters Salvatore Fusco Jr. and Jerome Ciauri who according to Sessa’s lawyer were just longtime friends. Sessa’s lawyer said, “His old friends were trying to help him make legitimate money and a living in the used car business.”

Ilario “Fat Larry” Sessa

But the feds painted a different picture noting that the Cosa Nostra wiseguy had used numerous burner phones to stay in contact with his old mafia pals. And of course, the Judge wasn’t buying Sessa’s side of things saying “When someone goes through extraordinary lengths by using six disposable phones there’s an obvious attempt to evade the probation departments condition.” Even though Ilario’s lawyers pleaded for leniency he sent the overweight wiseguy back to prison for a year and a day.

Fat Larry Sessa has been making his way up the ranks within the New York Mafia family for years now. He played a role in the bloody Colombo family civil war back in the 1990s and has seemingly been an active member of the family since. According to Colombo family rat, Reynold Maragni Sessa got his button in 2012 from acting boss Andrew Russo while they were both behind bars. The 400 pounds Sessa is sticking with his story of wanting to go legit as he exits prison once again. He reportedly suffers from multiple medical problems including morbid obesity, lupus, diabetes, heart disease, and spinal stenosis.

With Sessa back on the streets, it will be interesting to see how long he sticks to the legit businesses. He has had trouble keeping himself out of prison over the last few years. He has proven over and over that he is a stand-up guy and would likely be welcomed back into the organized crime family by his mob superiors with open arms.

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