Bonanno mobster Joseph Chilli III avoids prison but doesn’t get off clean

Joseph Chilli III a reputed soldier in the Bonanno crime family has seemingly been unable to separate himself from his old mafia pals.

Chilli got out of prison in 2015 after doing a stretch for cocaine and heroin distribution. He was back in court earlier this week for violating the conditions of his supervised release according to reports. The 63-year-old mobster admitted to having contact with at least three wiseguys and mob associates but claimed that none of it was criminal. According to Chilli, the connections have to do with his legitimate business a delivery service that supplies Italian stores and restaurants with various items. The violation could have landed the New York Mafia wiseguy back behind bars for 13 months.

Joseph Chilli III

Joseph Chilli III

“Joseph Chilli III”

Prosecutors and his probation officer recommended that Chilli get time served for the offense with no added prison time. Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis needed a little convincing before seeing eye to eye with those recommendations. He said “I’ve been dealing with these problems with the Bonanno family for the last 18 years including violations of supervised release. It’s a little bit sophomoric and a little bit simplistic to say you’re engaging in business with [these] people. Work with people who don’t have these connections to organized crime.”

Even though Garaufis eventually agreed to side with the recommendations of no additional prison time he wasn’t letting Chilli off clean. The obese Mafiosi allegedly suffers from an array of medical ailments. Instead, he hit Joseph Chilli III with an additional four years of supervised release. Joseph was due to end his original stretch of supervised release on at the end of the week. Garaufis told Chilli “I hope you live out the period of your supervision and beyond. I don’t want you to come back here with another violation. Work with people who do not have a connection to organized crime, I hope you have a successful business but there are certain people you can’t do business with.”

That may be a tall task for the veteran wiseguy as it seems like most of his friends and associates have ties in one way or another to Cosa Nostra. The odds that the Bonanno family mobster finds himself back in front of the Judge before those four years are up doesn’t seem to be on his side.

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