Albanian organized crime leader arrested in Glyfada, Greece

Albanian organized crime leader arrested in Glyfada, Greece

Following several months of collaboration between the Drug Prosecution Department, the Operational Directorate of the Greek Internal Revenue Service (SDOE) Attica, and Dutch officials, a 52-year-old Greek citizen of Albanian descent was detained.  The man’s name remains unknown at this time.

The man, who is the alleged head of a sizable drug cartel, was apprehended in Glyfada, Greece. According to a European Arrest Warrant, he was wanted for being the orchestrator for networking large sums of money, obtained from the illegal drug trade, in the Netherlands.

Funds were laundered everyday using a secretive banking system that lived on encrypted chat platforms, as reported by the Ministry of Finance. It is estimated that for a period of about 10 months, approximately 250,000,000 euros were sent through the network.

Banknotes in Euros, US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, Turkish Lira, United Arab Emirates dirhams, and South African rand, were confiscated by Greek officials upon searching the suspect’s home.

Authorities seized digital discs, SIM cards, and mobile phones, including one used for encrypted chats using certain programs, and other mobile devices.

Since there appears to be more money laundering cases developing in Greece, the Operational Directorate of S.D.O.E. Attica continues to work with the aforementioned Dutch Authorities and the nation’s competent judicial authorities on this matter.

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