Former Chicago outfit mobster James “Jimmy I” Inendino revealed to be FBI informant

Former Chicago outfit mobster James “Jimmy I” Inendino revealed to be FBI informant

James “Jimmy I” Inendino has long been regarded as a loyal member of the Chicago Outfit and was known as one of the mob’s top figures.

Inendino has been identified as Informant Number 6931-C in recently released FBI files. According to documents, he was connected to the FBI during the middle and late 1960s. Up until Inendino’s natural death a couple weeks ago at the age of 80, this did not seem to be widely known.

The career of Inendino in organized crime lasted a long while. He passed away at the age of 80.

The FBI claims that Inendino worked as an informant for the Chicago office between March 1965 and May 1969, as well as between May 1974 and March 1975, using the symbol number 6931-C.

Inendino was providing the FBI with information regarding commercial trucking thefts, which according to the authorities was his area of expertise in the past.

John Binder, a knowledgable source and author regarding Chicago organized crime groups, stated, “I doubt that the Outfit knew that he was an informant for the FBI for two clear periods of time and I think what you have is clear on incontrovertible proof that he was in fact an informant. There it is in an FBI memo.”

Inendino subsequently became a blood-oath member of the family, according to Binder, and would have been recently reporting exclusively to Salvatore “Solly D” DeLaurentis, who is regarded by law enforcement as the current boss of the Outfit. Inendino’s memorial book even appears to have been signed by DeLaurentis with a heart-felt message that reads: “Thank you so much for what you did for my boys. I am having three trees planted in memory of you.”

Many officials are now wondering about the duration of Inendino’s cooperation, mentioning that cooperating while he was an official member would be a cause for concern for the current members.

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