Notorious female Camorra boss Assunta Maresca dies at 86 from illness

Notorious female Camorra boss Assunta Maresca dies at 86 from illness

Assunta “Little Doll” Maresca, an infamous female Camorra boss, has passed away in her Castellamare di Stabia home due to an illness.

The ruthless soon-to-be Camorra figure made a name for herself when she murdered her husband’s killer in broad daylight on a street in Naples at the age of 18.  By this time, she was well on her way to becoming the first female boss of the clan.

The graphic killing of Antonio Esposito, who ordered her husband’s murder, was brought to a courtroom in 1959 where Maresca was quoted saying, “I would do it again!”, according to The Sun.

She later gave birth to her son Pasqualino in prison, but couldn’t see him for fourteen years until she was released.  Also upon her release, Maresca re-married and had twins with notable drug and arms dealer Umberto Ammaturo.  But then disaster struck when Pasqualino left to meet Ammaturo at a Naples construction site but never returned.  She accused her new husband of the killing, but stayed in a relationship with him out of fear for her twins’ lives.

Throughout her life outside of prison, she was accused of many murders alongside Ammaturo.  Ciro Galli, member of Nuova Camorra Organizzata, and Aldo Semerari, forensic scientist and neo-fascist, all allegedly fell victim to the duo.

Maresca reportedly showed violent tendencies as a child, as she once allegedly attacked a classmate according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.  She also won a beauty contest back in 1953 in Rovegliano.

source: The Sun

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