Loving Spoonful Of Trouble: NYC Gangster Disciples ‘No Love City’ Crew Goes Down In Federal Indictment

August 11, 2021 – Four of the five leaders of the Gangster Disciples Brooklyn faction, known as the “No Love City” crew, were indicted in federal court out of New York this week for their roles in a series of shootings and firearm offenses. The Gangster Disciples is the biggest Midwest street gang in the country, based in Chicago, with numerous satellite crews established in cities on the east coast and down south.

On Tuesday morning, Lorenzo (St. Clair Renzo) Bailey, Hans (YL Flocks) Destine, Jean (Big Twirl) Fremont and Deryck (D Benzo) Thompson were among the near dozen New York GDs named in the case. Bailey, 32, was arrested in Atlanta, while Destine, 30, Fremont, 30, and Thompson, 22, were brought into custody in Brooklyn.

They compose four-fifths of the No Love City faction’s “Steering Committee,” which makes policy and settles disputes for the Brooklyn GD subset, the indictment claims, and each face up to ten years in prison if convicted of the charges. St. Clair Renzo Bailey is the committee’s chairman and the first among equals, per NYPD records. Thompson serves as the NLC’s main enforcer, according to sources in law enforcement.

All four 2020 shooting incidents listed in the indictment were tied to rising tensions between the No Love City GD crew and the Brooklyn Crips. In a 48-hour period last November, Bailey, Destine, Fremont and Thompson were involved in five successive altercations resulting in multiple drive-by shootings in the same day.

The Crips is an iconic Los Angeles-based street gang that began forming a presence out east in the late 1990s. The Gangster Disciples boast a roster of 30,000 members nationwide.

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