Former Rhode Island Mafia Captain DeLuca Sentenced in Federal Hill Murder, Avoids More Prison Time

Former Rhode Island Mob Captain DeLuca Sentenced in Federal Hill Murder, Avoids More Prison Time

Robert DeLuca, former veteran mafia captain in the New England mafia, was sentenced last week for his involvement in the infamous Federal Hill murder.  The former capo was spared additional prison time due to his role in putting away a past mob boss while cooperating with the feds.

DeLuca was sentenced to 10 years after pleading guilty to murder conspiracy in the 1993 shooting of Kevin Hanrahan, former mafia enforcer.  Superior Court Judge Brian Stern suspended 69 months of the sentence, and credited time served from his June 2016 arrest.  Prosecutors supported the sentence because of DeLuca’s prior cooperation and current health.

DeLuca is currently doing time at an undisclosed federal prison for the 1992 murder of Steven DiSarro, a former Boston nightclub manager.  Previous mob boss Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme, currently 87 years old, was given life in prison thanks to the testimonies from DeLuca and his brother Joseph.

In 2018, Robert DeLuca was sentenced to 5 years in that case for lying to federal prosecutors in 2011.  DiSarro’s body was eventually dug up behind a Providence mill building back in 2016.

Upon DeLuca’s release, he will be on probation for multiple years.  During the 2018 trial, DeLuca sent a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Denies Casper saying he condemned the mafia and found God.



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