Canadian Mobster Pat Musitano, 52, Murdered

Infamous Canadian mobster Pat Musitano was shot to death in Burlington, Ontario on Friday.

Calls came in reporting a shooting in a small shopping plaza at approximately 1 pm. Police arrived quickly on the scene where they found two victims on the ground.

Musitano, 52, “succumbed to his” injuries” police said, “A second victim has been transported to the hospital. Suspect(s) remain outstanding at this time.”

Pat (left) and Angelo Musitano leaving court in 1998. Pat was murdered on Friday in Burlington, Ontario. Angelo was murdered outside his home in 2017.

Not the first attempt to kill Pat Musitano

On April 25, 2019, Pat Musitano was shot outside his lawyer’s office in Mississauga. He was shot 4 times, once in the head. It was touch and go for him whilst in the hospital but miraculously he survived this attempt on his life. Unfortunately, his luck didn’t last.

Musitano’s Brother, Angelo Musitano Killed in 2017

In May of 2017, outside his home in Waterdown, Ontario, Pat Musitano’s brother, Angelo was shot and killed. A few weeks later, Pat Musitano’s residence was shot up and severely damaged. No-one was hurt during that incident.

The Musitano family has quite a long history. They are linked to extortion and bombings dating back to the 1970s. Then there’s the hit in the 1980s of mobster Domenic Racco. They are also linked to the 1997 murders of Johnny “Pops” Papalia and his associate, Carmen Barillaro.

Domenic Racco (left), Johnny “Pops” Papalia (center) and his associate, Carmen Barillaro.

The 1997 murders caught up with the Musitano brothers who reached a plea deal with prosecutors. They pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder of Barillaro in return, the charges against them regarding Papalia’s murder were dropped.

The Musitano brothers were given 10 years behind bars and were released in 2007. They kept themselves out of trouble since their release, but it seems their past eventually caught up with both of them.

The Rizzuto crime family from Montreal used to protect the Musitano crime family until boss Vito Rizzuto died of lung cancer in 2013. This left a power vacuum which weakened the once powerful Montreal Mafia, leaving the Musitanos unprotected.

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