Dix says he was unaware of reports of anti-Indigenous racism in B.C. health-care system

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Provincial Health Minister Adrian Dix says he had not seen reports from March, 2019, that came to light last week detailing systemic racism against Indigenous people in the B.C. health-care system.

The reports were released by Metis Nation B.C. and detailed both overt and surreptitious acts of anti-Indigenous racism.

The first, called Mapping the Harms of Anti-Indigenous Racism in the B.C. Health Care System, “was not a report that was brought to my attention,” the minister said on Monday.

The second, called Dismantling Anti-Indigenous Racism Within the Health Care System, includes 83 recommendations to get rid of racism. It is still in draft form, Dix said.

In one case — which the first report said showed inequities perpetuated by health-care institutions that ignore poverty, inadequate housing, food insecurity and other health issues — an Indigenous man was discharged from hospital after surgery with no consideration of his living conditions.

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