Cocaine, gambling, ‘pizzo’: The many dirty ways the Mob makes money

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It generally works.

I’m here to make sure nuttin’ happens

A man reputed to be a major Mafia boss in Toronto has a routine whenever gangsters present him tribute money. Before he takes the envelope, he asks questions that appear to be written by a lawyer, along the lines of: “This is just a gift from you to me? This isn’t a payment for a service? Is this the proceeds of crime?”

Only when the gangster answers “yes, no, no,” he takes the envelope and tucks it into his pocket nodding his thanks.

That’s what makes him rich, no matter what else he does. The combination of his reputation and position are all the heavy lifting he needs to do.

How much mob soldiers make varies widely. Some are rich while others struggle. There is a lot of dirty money being made, though, as shown when mobsters are arrested. Large stashes of cash and luxury goods are often found when police raid their homes and businesses.

A veteran Mafia insider said it isn’t always worth it. He described life in the mob this way: “Everything is good and then 10 minutes later they come and kill (you).”

Heck of a way to make a living.

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