New England mobster William Angelesco arrested by Feds

The feds arrested William Angelesco on charges of interfering with commerce by threats or violence and aiding or abetting.

Angelesco is known as a top enforcer of Carmen (The Big Cheese) DiNunzio a leading figure in the New England mafia. He is known on the streets as a tough guy and has reportedly been involved in multiple hits on behalf of the Cosa Nostra family. The feds have had a close eye on the DiNunzio crew since Carmen’s release from prison back 2015. According to reports and various sources, Carmen is now the mafia families acting boss and some believe he may be in line to take over officially if he hasn’t already. The power within the Patriarca crime family has continued to shift from Providence to Boston in recent years.

William Angelesco arrest

William Angelesco arrest

According to court records William Angelesco is accused of receiving “personal property belonging to and in the possession of John Doe, against his will, by means of actual and threatened force, and violence, and fear of injury, immediate and future, to his person and property and property in his custody and possession.” The alleged crimes took place back in September of 2018.

Angelesco is due back in court at some point today according to a recent report. The feds have seemingly been keeping a close eye on the mafia in New England as it attempts to rebuild its ranks. Along with DiNunzio some other respected and capable guys have returned to the streets in New England including Providence based mobster Matthew Guglielmetti believed to be the families new underboss. It will be interesting to see if these alleged crimes have links to any other members of the organized crime family.

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