Junior Gotti fires back at Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano: ‘It was bulls–t’

Sammy Gravano is full of bull.

So says John (Junior) Gotti, who batted down The Bull’s explosive claim that Gotti’s dad, Gambino family godfather John Gotti, wanted Gravano to be the “sacrificial lamb” for the feds.

“It was a cheap shot. It was bulls–t,” Junior told The Post. “Gravano knows my father would never approach him like that. My father’s philosophy always was we win together or we lose together.“

Mafia turncoat Gravano, in his first videotaped interview since 1997, told YouTube’s Patrick Bet-David that he considered whacking the Dapper Don. 

“Here’s my best f–king friend, my boss,” the serial-killing snitch said.

“I did so many things for this guy. I rigged the trials, I threatened people, I f–-king bribed people, and he turns on me,” Gravano says. “I was betrayed by someone who’s a brother, a father, somebody you gave your whole life to.”

Junior said it was all in Gravano’s twisted mind.

“He’s talking about a plot. What plot could he have been imagining in his mind?” Gotti said. 

Junior also ridiculed Gravano’s characterization of being his dad’s best friend.

He said his father met Gravano for the first time in 1980 and the underboss “flipped” in 1990. “So tell me about this brother stuff. He’s saying he’s a lifelong friend? I’m not sure I’m following this,” Junior said sarcastically.

With Gravano testifying for the feds, the elder Gotti was sentenced to life and died in federal prison in 2002.

Junior Gotti charges Gravano’s narrative has changed multiple times over the years, because he — and other criminals who enter the witness protection program — are “emboldened” by the government to “make money, cash in. Do whatever you want to do.

“Now that the guy is doing these interviews, you have to address them,” Junior Gotti said.

“If I was to say something, I don’t have government absolution. … I’d be indicted the next day.”

Junior, who is currently developing a podcast and project about the witness protection program, said it was well known that Gravano couldn’t hold up under a long prison sentence, which is why he flipped.

“He did all his time in federally protected units — not like a stand-up guy. He did it with fellow rats.”

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