Christopher Londonio tapes have Lucchese family leaders between a rock and a hard place

Tapes of Lucchese crime family mobster Christopher Londonio could give prosecutors an insurmountable edge in the upcoming mafia trial.

According to reports, the feds plan to play dozens of tapes of Londonio talking about various aspects of the Cosa Nostra families business. The 45-year-old wiseguy was captured on wires worn by mob turncoats, FBI wiretaps, and prison phone recordings. He can be heard boasting about various crimes including drug dealing, extortion, loansharking, robbery, home invasions, and assault. All of which are included in the current racketeering indictment. Londonio, Steven Crea, Matthew Madonna, and Terrence Caldwell are set to go to trial for multiple crimes including the murder of former Purple Gang leader Michael Meldish.

“Christopher Londonio”

These recordings between Londonio and cooperating witnesses among others would play a crucial role in the upcoming trial. In some of these talks, Londonio allegedly details the current structure of the Lucchese family including his role and the roles of both Crea and Madonna. While he never admits to his role in the Meldish hit he talks about a slew of other crimes he either committed or was planning. Prosecutors believe these tapes establish him as a viable member of the New York Mafia family and that he served under Crea and Madonna.

This has led to some interesting plea deal negotiations which could bring the trial to an end before it even begins. These tapes along with a lineup of cooperating witnesses at trial seem like an uphill battle. Two weeks ago Lucchese capo Steven (Stevie Junior) Crea agreed to a deal which will put him behind bars for 13 years. Now the four remaining defendants may have a chance to take the same route but it comes with conditions according to the GanglandNews report.

Prosecutors have allegedly offered Londonio a deal which he has tentatively agreed according to a source that would put him behind bars for 30 years. But the catch is that both Crea and Madonna also have to agree to plea deals. According to the GanglandNews source, the feds have also offered 72-year-old Crea an 18-year deal and the 83-year-old Madonna a 20-year deal. They would get time served but the lengthy deals could still end up being life sentences for both of the aging mobsters.

It remains unclear as to whether or not all three defendants can come to a global plea deal before the October 2nt trial date. Discussions are reportedly ongoing and lawyers for the three have not closed to the door on the possibilities of a pre-trial agreement. Even if the feds fail at linking the defendants to the Meldish murder convictions on the remaining crimes in the racketeering indictment could still land everyone behind bars for an extended period of time.

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