Toronto branch of the Ndrangheta’s Siderno Group has grown in power

The Siderno Group is a consortium of Ndrangheta clans from in and around the Italian mafia stronghold of Siderno.

They are one of the most powerful groups within the Calabrian mafia. The Ndrangheta clans of Siderno have a very strong presence in other countries including Canada and Australia. The Toronto area branch of the Siderno Group made up of approximately seven clans has seemingly grown in power in recent years according to new information obtained from Project Sindacato. The operation ran by York police’s new anti-Mafia taskforce targeted the Figliomeni crime family. The Figliomeni clan is part of the Siderno’s Toronto based consortium. During the investigation, police were shocked to learn that a shift in the Siderno Group’s power structure had taken place.

Siderno Group

Siderno Group

The Siderno Group in Canada is controlled by a local board of directors called the “camera di controllo” which loosely translates to the chamber of control. These local boards of control can also be found in other parts of the world that the Ndrangheta has expanded into. The local leadership groups were all believed to be subservient to a central leadership body in Calabria known as the “il Crimine di Siderno.” Police now believe the strength of the Toronto Siderno group has become so powerful that it now rivals that of the mother clans in Italy.

Italian authorities said, “The Canadian board can have influence over the “entire ’Ndrangheta” according to a terrific new National Post report by Adrian Humphreys. In recently filed court documents they went on to say “The governing body of the Siderno branch no longer operates only in Calabria, transmitting orders abroad, but also does so directly on Canadian soil, to give it a more effective and efficient command structure.”

This separation of power may make the Siderno Group even stronger. With a parallel leadership group in place in both countries, they would be protected against major arrests targeting either. If authorities were able to target the bosses in either Italy or Canada the organization would continue with business as usual with top-level leadership still in place. This certainly shows that the mobsters in Toronto are much more powerful than previous estimations.

Authorities were able to uncover this new shift in power through wiretaps associated with Project Sindacato. The murder of a powerful Ndrangheta clan leader in Italy named Carmelo “Nino” Muià was the first domino to fall. His brother Vincenzo Muià took control of the mafia clan and wanted revenge. This led him and a close associate to Toronto where he met with Angelo Figliomeni and Cosimo Figliomeni. Angelo was identified as the boss of the Figliomeni family by York police.

He came to Toronto in search of proof and advice on the repercussions of moving against those he suspected. Unfortunately for him, his trip to Canada came at a very bad time. Anti-Mafia police were right in the middle of their investigation targeting the very people he was there to consult with. The police had live wiretaps in play and were able to record multiple conversations. These meetings and conversation revealed a lot including this new look into the inner working of the powerful Siderno Group. For more details, you can reference the entire piece by Mr. Humphreys over at Canada’s National Post.

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