Mob Talk Sitdown: New indictments, guilty pleas, Domenic Grande, and other Philly Mafia news

On this episode of Mob Talk Sitdown George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser gets into the latest happening in and around the Philly Mafia.

The guys take a look at the recent indictment of mafia associate Stephen Sharkey and his links to other made guys including George Borgesi and Joey Merlino. They also get into the guilty plea by Sal Piccolo and the potential problems on the horizon for mafia captain Domenic Grande. While Grande’s name has surfaced multiple times in FBI affidavits and wiretap transcripts of late he has yet to be charged which has led to his new “Teflon Dom” nickname. There have been plenty of rumors around that the newly revamped organized crime squad in Philly is looking to put together a major RICO case which Domenic Grande could certainly be a part of so it will be interesting to see how much longer his luck holds.

Could these smaller cases by the feds be leading up to something larger that includes higher ranking members of the Cosa Nostra family? The feds seem to be looking into Mortgage business’s that have involved wiseguys over the last few years. They have also looked into some of the still unsolved murders tied to the mafia in Philadelphia from a few years ago. The feds would love for these recent cases to lead to a new cooperator that could help put together some pieces of the puzzle within a larger case although it seems like a longshot for now according to George and Dave.

So just how active is today’s Philly Mob well that is still up for debate but these recent cases prove that guys are still out there earning even if the overall pie isn’t as big as it once was.  When it comes to mafia news out of Philly its Merlino’s name we expect to see of late but with him behind bars, for now, the feds may be turning their attention to some of the other guys.