Ghost tour of mob-hit Staten Island mansion | Haunted, Abandoned and Hella Creepy

A torture closet used to punish children. A séance room with a mirror portal to the Other Side. And a basement full of horrors. They all await you in this terrifying tour of Staten Island’s Kreischer Mansion. The circa 1885 property has a bloody history, including the grisly 2005 murder of mafia associate Rob McKelvey by the groundskeeper Joe Young.

Paranormal investigator Colin Browen brings his bag of ghost-hunting tools – along with a noticeably on-edge Page Six reporter, Evan Real, whose usual beat is interviewing the “Housewives” – to experience the spooky site first-hand. This is Part 1 of 2 of the premiere episode of “Haunted, Abandoned and Hella Creepy” from the New York Post.

Raised on grunge rock and ghost stories, host Colin Browen has investigated hundreds of the world’s most notorious locations, from Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania to the Sallie House in Kansas. As a kid, he says his family unknowingly moved into a haunted house where he learned to coexist with the spirits. By 19, he was hosting “Teen Spirit” on the Verizon GO90 Network. He went on to create the popular YouTube series “The Paranormal Files” and co-hosts a true-crime podcast, “Murder in America,” with his wife, Courtney.

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