Outlaws MC See Three In Clarksville (TN) Cop Manslaughter Pleas From ’19 Longhorn Steakhouse Shootout

November 25, 2022 — Three members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Clarksville, Tennessee recently pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges stemming from a June 5, 2019 shootout between the Outlaws MC and the Kinfolk MC in the parking lot of a Longhorn Steakhouse. Kinfolk members John (Deacon) Allgood and James (Jimbo) Ramsey were killed in the volley of gunfire.

Instead of going to trial, Outlaws Mike (Hulk) Craft, Jackie (Rapper) Davis and Zach (Toe-Strap) Tablack have copped plea to second-degree murder charges, brought down from the originally charged first-degree murder counts. According to the plea deal, the state acknowledges the shooting was justified on the part of Craft, Davis and Tablack due to their right of self-defense, while Craft, Davis and Tablack admit if they had not traveled to the restaurant to engage with Deacon Allgood, 53, and Jimbo Ramsey, 37, in the first place, the shootout would not have erupted.

The sentencing guidelines for the plea range between 3 to 6 years. Because the defendants have been behind bars fighting the case since 2019, they are all immediately eligible for parole and could be free and back on their bikes soon.

Allgood was the boss of the Kinfolk at the time of his death. The Kinfolk have since patched over to the Pagan’s MC. The Outlaws and Pagan’s are feuding in the fallout from the Pagan’s current Blue Wave expansion campaign. Clarksville is the fifth-largest city in Tennessee and hugs the state’s Kentucky border. Mayor Joe Pitts was dining at the city’s Longhorn Steakhouse the evening Ramsey and Allgood lost their lives.

The fatal altercation was seeded in the hours before it popped off, when “Toe-Strap” Tablack, an Outlaws prospect, stopped in at the Longhorn Steakhouse upon seeing a motorcycle he didn’t recognize and made contact with Jimbo Ramsey and Ramsey’s Kinfolk MC rocker vest. Ramsey called Deacon Allgood to the scene and Tablack went to the nearby Tilted Kilt bar and rendezvoused with Outlaw vets “Hulk” Craft and “Rapper” Davis.

Less than an hour later, Craft, Davis and Tablack left the Tilted Kilt together and made their way the short distance to the parking lot of the Longhorn Steakhouse where they saw Ramsey and Allgood exiting. Allgood was on good terms with Craft and Davis prior to the shooting, however, didn’t know the not-yet-fully-patched Tablack.

Upon laying eyes on Tablack in the parking lot, Ramsey pulled his gun and began waving it wildly, angrily shouting profanities and threats at Tablack and the other Outlaws. Allgood instructed Ramsey to lower his weapon and settle down. He then turned to Tablack and started screaming at him for provoking the dustup in the first place. The shootout was sparked when Allgood grabbed Tablack by the shirt collar and Tablack, still wearing his helmet, head-butted Allgood in retaliation,

Craft, 39, was arrested near the scene of the shooting on his motorcycle with one of the murder weapons on his possession. Davis, 32, was brought into custody at the Outlaws clubhouse. All four participants in the shootout were U.S. military veterans and had tactical gun training. The 28-year old Tablack was shot in in the exchange and arrested at the hospital.

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