The Bakeshop D-Boy Chronicles: Team Cookies Drug Crew In Detroit Shipped Dope, Cash On “Ghost” Flights From Phoenix

November 23, 2022 –Reputed Detroit drug lord Leo (L-Sway) Todd and his right-hand man Kyle (Whopp Dogg) Kennard used “ghost” domestic air flights and baggage to move drugs and money back and forth between Michigan and Arizona, according to recent court filings in the case. “L-Sway” Todd’s Team Cookies dope gang was dismantled by a bust last winter.

Todd, 33, and Kennard, 37, are both facing 10 years in federal prison for their roles leading the Team Cookies organization. They’ve pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Prosecutors indicted 13 members of the Team Cookies crew in February 2022 for a three-year conspiracy pushing, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth and more than one million fentanyl pills. Per court records, Team Cookies washed its drug money through Detroit-area casinos and its members frequently posted incriminating images on their respective social media accounts.

Team Cookies transported portions of their narcotics in travel luggage checked into flights going between Detroit and Phoenix with tickets they didn’t use. In October 2020, the DEA intercepted an alleged Team Cookies drug shipment containing 2.5 pounds of cocaine and $8,000. DEA agents traced the intended recipient of the contraband-loaded baggage to “Whopp Dogg” via texts and direct messages on social media.

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