Armenian Mob Had A Mole In The FBI: Fed Jury In L.A. Convicts Broumand Of Passing Secrets To The Lion

October 8, 2022 — Former FBI agent Babak Broumand was found guilty on five counts of corruption and bribery out of U.S. District Court in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo this past week, proving the long-gestating rumors and allegations that Broumand was a mole for Southern California’s Armenian mafia true.

Broumand, a 20-year veteran of the Bureau, worked in a national-security and counter-terrorism unit at the end of his career as a G-Man. At that point, he was more beholden to the Armenian mob Godfather people call The Lion than he was to Uncle Sam.

According to the government’s star witness, one-time Armenian mob fixer and adviser Edgar Sargsyan, Broumand was paid $10,000 per month and frequently wined, dined and serviced by Armenian mob-connected prostitutes on lavish trips to Las Vegas. In return, Broumand ran cover for the organization and fed them intelligence.

“He was an FBI agent and I was involved in criminal activity, I wanted him next to me for protection,” Sargsyan testified. “If an investigation arose (into our organization), he would be able to shield or block it (from hurting us).”

The 56-year old Broumand cursed Sargsyan, calling him a “motherfucker” as he took the witness stand. IRS records showed Broumand laundered his ill-gotten gains from the Armenian mob through a lice-removal salon he owned with his wife. Sargsyan gifted Broumand a $36,000 Ducati motorcycle for doing terrorist watch-list checks for the Armenians.

On the stand, Sargsyan admitted he conned the California State Bar Association into believing he was an attorney when in fact he had no license to practice law in the state. Known as a man about town in L.A.’s most exclusive social circles, as well as for being the mouthpiece and fix-it man for Armenian mafia don Levon (The Lion) Dermen, Sargsyan donated millions to and hobnobbed with Democratic politicians, including Hillary Clinton and Gavin Newsom.

Because of Sargsyan’s turning against him to save himself, Lev Dermen, 54, is doing federal prison time in Utah for heading a multi-million dollar biofuel scam in coordination with a Mormon cult called “The Order.” Per sources, Sargsyan lives in constant fear that The Lion and his men are going to find him and murder him for his betrayal. Before going to prison two years ago, The Lion operated a gas-station empire in Beverly Hills.

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