The Flow Of Freedom: Motor City’s Cash Flow Posse Founder “Brutus” Waucaush Let Out Of Prison, Heads Home To SW Detroit

October 2, 2022 — One-time Detroit drug boss Robert (Brutus) Waucaush was released this week after spending most of the last 25 years in prison for racketeering, narcotics trafficking and second-degree murder. He landed in a halfway house back in the summer.

Waucaush and his older brother, Jerry (Quick) Waucaush founded and led Southwest Detroit’s infamous Cash Flow Posse in the 1990s. The multi-ethnic organization arose following the area’s Hispanic street gang wars that erupted at the tail end of the Crack Era, a nationwide drug epidemic that hit Motown particularly hard.

“CFP” was nailed in a 1997 federal RICO case. At that same time, the state of Michigan indicted the Waucaush brothers and two others on homicide charges related to five gangland murders.

Brutus Waucaush, 48, pleaded no contest in the case and got slapped with a 30-year sentence. Coming out of prison briefly in 2018, he violated his parole and was sent back inside to finish out his sentence. Quick Waucaush, 50, has been a free man for more than a decade and has stayed out of trouble.

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