The Father Betrayed Thy Son: Whitey Bulger’s Alleged Killer Was Put In Prison By His Own Father For ’96 Boston Gangland Murder

August 30, 2022 — Boston gangster Paul (Little Paulie) DeCalogero saw his own dad testify against him in a murder and racketeering case in the 2000s.

Last week, DeCalogero, along with two other New Englanders, was charged for murdering disgraced former Boston Irish mob boss James (Whitey) Bulger in his cell at a federal penitentiary in West Virginia on October 30, 2018 just hours after he transferred into the USP Hazelton facility from a witness protection unit in Florida. At the time Bulger was beaten to death with padlocks attached to leather belts, DeCalogero, 48, was serving a 25-year prison term for a homicide conspiracy and narcotics trafficking tied to his uncle, Paul (Big Paulie) DeCalogero’s independent North Shore mob crew in Massachusetts.

Big Paulie DeCalogero, 63, was found guilty of spearheading the crew and the conspiracy to kill 19-year old Aislin Silva to keep her from cooperating with police. He was sentenced to life behind bars. His brother, Little Paulie’s dad, John (Big Johnny) DeCalogero was the star witness at the 2006 trial that landed convictions against both Big and Little Paulie DeCalogero.

While secretly working closely with the FBI to trip up his enemies in the Italian mob for decades, Bulger lorded over South Boston, Somerville and Winter Hill from the 1970s until he was indicted in 1995 and took off for 16 years as a fugitive of justice. Prosecutors claim DeCalogero bludgeoned him along with Springfield (MA) wiseguy Freddy Geas as Geas’ cellmate Sean McKinnon stood watch.

The DeCalogero crew affiliated itself with the East Boston and North End LCN mafia regimes within the Patriarca crime family in the 1990s and first part of the 2000s, headquartering out of a gym in Woburn, Massachusetts where it ran drug, burglary and extortion rackets. Aislin Silva dated one of the members of the DeCalogero crew and the DeCalogeros used Silva’s apartment in the Boston suburb of Medford to hide weapons. In early November 1996, Silva’s apartment was raided by a Massachusetts State Police narcotics unit and when officers found the unregistered stash of firearms, they began squeezing her for information on the DeCalogeros.

On November 13, 1996, DeCalogero crew members Stevie DiCenso and Kevin Meuse killed Silva at DiCenso’s father’s residence by trying to “hot dose” her with heroin and then breaking her neck. They finished off the crime by dismembering the body and disposed of the materials used in the hit in a dumpster in Danvers, Massachusetts.

DiCenso was Silva’s boyfriend and became a witness for the government. Little Paulie DeCalogero purchased the heroin the crew used to ply Silva into a state of semiconscious with the intent to kill her.

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