Feds bust Genovese, Bonanno mobsters and dirty NY cop in wide-ranging gambling scheme

Just when you thought they were out…

Eight alleged mobsters and a crooked Long Island cop were busted Tuesday in a wide-ranging gambling scheme that prosecutors pointed to as proof the Cosa Nostra hasn’t gone anywhere.

The nine members and associates of the Bonanno and Genovese crime families allegedly ran illegal poker games and gambling machines out of soccer clubs in Queens, and a coffee bar and shoe repair shop on Long Island, the feds said.

“Today’s arrests… demonstrate that the Mafia continues to pollute our communities with illegal gambling, extortion and violence while using our financial system in service to their criminal schemes,” said Breon Peace, the US attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly added, “This case is further proof that organized crime is alive and well in our communities.”

Among those charged is Carmelo “Carmine” Polito, alleged acting captain of the Genovese family, who apparently instructed an underling to threaten a debtor that he would “put him under the f–ing bridge.”

Six other men — “Joe Fish” Macario, “Sal the Shoemaker” Rubino, Mark Peuer, Agostino Gabriele, “Little Anthony” Pipitone and Vito Pipitone — were also arrested in New York.

Alleged Bonanno soldier Vito Pipitone was taken into custody in Florida Tuesday.

An eighth defendant, alleged Genovese associate Joseph Rutigliano, remains at large.

Nassau County Police detective Hector Rosario, meanwhile, is accused of arranging police raids at competing gambling dens in exchange for cash from the Bonannos.

He’s charged with obstructing a grand jury investigation and lying to the FBI.

Peace called the alleged dirty cop’s alleged involvement in the scheme “disturbing” and “shameful.”

The detective “betrayed his oath of office and the honest men and women of the Nassau County Police Department when he allegedly aligned himself with criminals,” Peace said.

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