The Apple Doesn’t Fall From The Drug-Dealing Tree: Lyles Family Legacy In Pittsburgh Dope Game Continues, Prodigal Son Sentenced To Prison

March 12, 2022 — Donnie Lyles, Jr., the 28-year old son of legendary Pittsburgh drug lord Donie (The Chief) Lyles, was smacked with a five and a half year federal prison term this week for narcotics trafficking and illegal gun possession. The elder Lyles, 48, ran the Rustbelt town’s drug trade in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He did two decades behind bars, finally walking free last year. The DEA declared the Lyles drug organization the largest in history for the Land of Three Rivers.

According to DEA records, Lyles, Jr. worked for Steel City kingpin, Trevon Kendrick, and moved heroin from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh for sales on street corners. Lyles, Jr. served as a liaison between Kendrick and his wholesale supplier, Carlos Regalado, in Philly. The indictment naming Kendrick, Lyles, Jr. and 17 others, dropped in October 2019.

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