Italian police seize 800 million euros worth of ‘Ndrangheta assets

Italian officials have seized assets from a trio of ‘Ndrangheta-linked brothers totaling around 800 million euros on Thursday. The three Perri brothers, named Pasqualino, Marcello, and Franco according to the AGI news agency, were known to have longstanding ties with Italy’s ‘Ndrangheta mafia.  One of the brothers was already under trial when the asset seizure took place.

The unfathomable 800 million euros worth of assets was made up of luxury motorbikes and cars, several luxury real estate properties, luxury villas, companies, and even entire shopping centers that were owned by the trio.

Italian police seize 800 million euros worth of ‘Ndrangheta assets (image source: BBC News)

Antonio Perri, the father of the trio, was slayed outside one of their supermarkets back in 2003.

According to police, the three brothers created unimaginable wealth “…thanks to their links with the mafia and in violation of the rules of the free market”.

The massive ‘Ndrangheta crime family has recently become the most powerful clan in Italy, followed by Sicily’s Cosa Nostra, where they have footprints all around the world.

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