Montreal Mafia murder trial: Accused was warned his life was in danger

Scarfo is charged with the first-degree murders of Rocco Sollecito and Lorenzo Giordano as well as two counts of conspiracy to commit murder. The day after Dominico Scarfo was introduced to Montreal Mafia leader Andrea (Andrew) Scoppa, police warned him that his life was in danger.

Scarfo described the warning he received to Scoppa two weeks after meeting him. The conversation was secretly recorded Sept. 25, 2019, by an informant while the three men dined at a restaurant on St-Jean Blvd. in Dollard-des-Ormeaux.

The recording was played Friday during Scarfo’s trial at the Gouin courthouse. He is charged with the first-degree murders of Montreal Mafia leaders Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito. The victims were killed on different days in Laval during 2016.

The Crown’s theory is that Scarfo shot Giordano on March 1, 2016, and played a role in Sollecito’s death on May 27, 2016. Prosecutor Marie-Christine Godbout told the jury the shooter in the Sollecito murder later became an informant and worked with the Sûreté du Québec, secretly recording conversations he had with Scarfo during the summer of 2019. The Crown alleges the murders were ordered by Scoppa’s brother Salvatore, a leader among a Calabrian clan in the Montreal Mafia who wanted to kill people on the Sicilian side in 2016.

Salvatore Scoppa was killed at a Laval hotel in May 2019. The informant introduced Scarfo to Andrew Scoppa on the pretence that he could find them more work. The real goal was to get Scarfo to talk about Sollecito and Giordano’s deaths.

Scoppa was surprised by the visit to his home in Île-Bizard and denied he was involved in his brother’s plans in 2016.

As they sat down to a late lunch in the West Island two weeks later, Scoppa told Scarfo and the informant that he was constantly being followed by police.

“Got to be careful, bro. The cops are all over me. You know? Wednesday, they were all over me. All over me,” Scoppa said.

“Us, we have, uh, we got a little visit by the Martians,” the informant said in an apparent reference to police detectives. Scarfo clarified that the police saw him and the informant the day after they visited Scoppa.

“The cops came to see you?” Scoppa asked.

“They came to warn us,” Scarfo said.

“On what?”

“That our lives are in danger.”

Scarfo went on to explain that one of the detectives was “from homicide” and the other was a member of the SQ.

“Why would they come and tell you your life is in danger?” Scoppa asked.

“That’s what l’d like to know,” Scarfo replied.

The informant then pretended to be concerned because an alleged accomplice in Sollecito’s murder kept a motorcycle that was used as a getaway vehicle. The informant got on the motorcycle after he shot Sollecito before the alleged accomplice, whose name cannot be published for the time being, sped away.

“From Day 1, I tell him, get rid of the f–king speed demon. Get rid of it,” the informant said.

“So he kept the bike, too?” Scoppa asked.


“It was his own bike?”

“Yeah. The bike of his dad,” the informant said before launching into a long and complicated tale of his life in the underworld.

Scoppa interrupted the informant and asked him to focus on the matter at hand.

“Why is he, why is (Scarfo’s) life in danger?” Scoppa asked.

“Oh, my life is in danger, too,” the informant said.

“But why?”

“Cuz we’re with (the alleged accomplice). Maybe they know, maybe,” Scarfo replied.

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