Louis “Bobby” Manna, 91, denied compassionate release

Louis “Bobby” Manna, 91, denied compassionate release

Louis “Bobby” Manna, former consigliere of the Genovese family, was denied his compassionate release on November 16th by Judge Peter G. Sheridan.

Manna, 91, has been in prison since 1989 where we was sentenced for ordering a hit on famous mobster John Gotti, and the successful murder attempt of associate Irwin “Fat Man” Schiff, according to NJ.com.  The Gotti hit ultimately was a failure.

Federal officials caught the organization of the hit on wiretap at a Hoboken food and drink establishment.  The FBI immediately brought this information to Gotti as his life was in imminent danger.

Jeremy Iandolo, Manna’s attorney, pleaded with the Judge to accept compassionate release, but to no avail.  Iandolo argues that Manna has more than “paid his debts to society.”

Manna is currently serving an 80 year sentence at Federal Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota.  He is set to be released on November 7th, 2054 when he would be 124.

source: ny post 

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