U.S. District Judge In Illinois Re-Sentences Outlaws MC Power, ‘Pork Chop’ Polchan To 30 Years For Working With Chicago Mafia

October 23, 2021 — Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club leader Mark (Pork Chop) Polchan got his sentence for racketeering and assault cut in a half last week by U.S. District Court Judge Ron Guzman. The 54-year old Polchan was found guilty in 2010 of fire bombing a storefront in Berwyn, Illinois on behalf of the Chicago mob because the store owner was infringing on Outfit video-poker machine routes.

Guzman originally sentenced Polchan to 60 years behind bars, but a sentencing technicality tied to him giving too much weight to the bombing and not enough to the racketeering counts kicked the case back to Guzman via a successful appeal last year. After a second thought, Guzman reduced Polchan’s punishment to 30 years in prison, meaning he could be home by 2033.

Polchan’s co-defendant in the case was one-time Chicago mob don Michael (Fat Mike) Sarno, the man who assigned Polchan the fire bombing job. Sarno, 63, was smacked with a 25-year term and used to headquarter his activities out of Polchan’s Goldberg’s Jewelry Store in Cicero.

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