Scarred For Death: Mexican Mafia Snitch Takes Own Life Instead Of Reporting Back To Prison

October 11, 2021 — “La Eme” turncoat Oscar (The Scar) Moriel committed suicide by shooting himsekf in the head last month in Huntington Beach, California. The Scar was the star witness in the 2017 Operation Black Flag trial, a sweeping federal indictment that targeted the upper echelons of the Mexican Mafia — known on the street and behind bars as “La Eme” —, including then-La Eme boss Peter (The Fury) Ojeda.

The 40-year old Moriel was scheduled to be sentenced two weeks from now to 28 months in prison for an arrest in August 2020 for being a felon in possession of a gun and ammunition. Moriel served 15 years in prison and admitted to participating in a half-dozen Mexican Mafia-related slayings. He flipped in 2009, four years into his 25-year sentence for attempted murder.

Operation Black Flag finally landed in 2011. Moriel was released in 2020. Police in California caught him with a gun less than six months later.

Hailing from the Santa Ana wing of the Mexican Mafia known as the Delhi Crew, Moriel was the star witness against Ojeda at his trial. Ojeda, who hailed from Orange County, California and for years was La Eme’s most powerful shot caller, was convicted in the case. He died of cancer in 2018, not long after the guilty verdict came in.

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