“Scarface” Jenkins Scores Probation In Illegal Marijuana Co. Ownership Case, Providence Mobster Won’t Do More Time In Prison

July 30, 2021 – No more bars on the horizon for Providence underworld’s “Scarface.”

New England mob associate Raymond (Scarface) Jenkins will avoid prison time for a local police pinch back in the spring related to his silent ownership in a state-licensed marijuana business out of Rhode Island. The 57-year old Jenkins is linked to the Patriarca crime family’s Providence wing. He copped a plea this week in state court, where he pleaded no contest to a felony perjury charge and received two years probation.

Jenkins is alleged to have helped finance the Organic Bees cannabis cultivation company in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Organic Bees sells various forms of marijuana and CBD products to area medical dispensaries. The state of Rhode Island’s Department of Business Regulations is currently investigating the company and seeking to revoke its license due to the Jenkins situation.

In 2011, Jenkins was busted alongside New England mafia don Luigi (Baby Shacks) Manocchio in a racketeering and extortion case revolving around strip club shakedowns in the Providence area. They both pleaded guilty and did prison time. Jenkins, who was collecting tribute envelopes on behalf of Baby Shacks, did almost three years behind bars and was sprung from the pen in May 2014.

Manocchio, 94, is reportedly retired and the power in the crime family has swung back to Boston in recent years. Jenkins is part of the Patriarca crime family’s North Providence crew, per FBI and Rhode Island State Police documents related to the organization.

Tim White of WPRI TV (CBS 12) in Providence broke the Jenkins story originally in April and then was the first report on the plea deal Thursday. White is Rhode Island’s leading expert on mob activity.

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