K.C. Mob Figure Little Willie’s Health On The Ropes, Scion Of Gangland Royalty Recovering From COVID-19 & Two Strokes

July 8, 2021 – For the past year, reputed Kansas City mafia captain William (Little Willie) Cammisano, Jr. has been fighting for his life. In June 2020, Cammisano, Jr., 72 years old, was stricken with the COVID-19 virus and put on a ventilator. While on the ventilator, he suffered a pair of strokes.

Due to rising medical costs for his rehabilitation, Cammisano, Jr.’s family started a Gofundme page (see below for the link), seeking $200,000. The page is already approaching $15,000 in donations and features a photo of Little Willie on a boat reeling in a really big fish.


Little Willie Cammisano, Jr. is the son of former highly-feared Kanas City mob boss William (Willie the Rat) Cammisano, who died of lung cancer in 1995. The Cammisanos fought on the frontlines of the infamous River Quay War in the 1970s, with the elder Cammisano captaining the effort to control turf in the city’s popular bar and restaurant district on behalf of the Civella crime family. Cammissano, Jr.’s fiance is the daughter of one-time Kansas City mafia don Anthony (Tony Ripe) Civella and the great niece of the crime family’s namesake Nick Civella.

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