Living Life On The Wild Side: GA. Gangster Disciples “Wild Bill” Admits To Trying To Retaliate Against Witness

May 10, 2021 – Brunswick’s “Wild Bill” has copped a plea.

Incarcerated Gangster Disciples enforcer Wilbert (Wild Bill) Stephens pleaded guilty to witness intimidation charges late last week, admitting culpability to charges that hold a maximum 20-year prison sentence. Stephens brought the fury for the GDs near the Florida-Georgia line.

The 29-year old Wild Bill is already in federal prison serving a dime piece for firearm offenses tied to GD drug affairs he was convicted of in 2018. Federal authorities believe Stephens was go-to muscle for the Southern Georgia faction of the Chicago-based Gangster Disciples.

Stephens solicited retaliation against a witness and penned a letter threatening a federal judge while sitting behind bars in a Georgia’s Glynn County Jail following his conviction in the drug case and awaiting a bus trip into the BOP. Stephens’ Southern Georgia GDs are headquartered in Brunswick, located by the Florida-Georgia state line near Jacksonville.

His case stemmed from a speeding ticket. He was pulled over in his vehicle in 2016 by Georgia State Policemen and the state troopers found a pound of marijuana and an AK-47. At the time of the traffic stop, Stephens was already on probation for a felony drug charge. The feds included him in a drug and racketeering indictment later that same year.

The Gangster Disciples were founded in the late 1960s by legendary crime lord Larry Hoover. By the 1980s, the GD began expanding down south and out east. Hoover, 70, has led the organization from his prison cell for the last half-century.

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