Connecticut mobster says FBI art heist investigation ruined his life

A reputed mobster from Manchester, Connecticut, Robert Gentile, has been a person of extreme interest in the $500 million dollar Gardner Heist at a Boston museum.

He recently had his first ever television appearance with News 8, where he recounts how the FBI’s investigation has since ruined his life.

Twenty years after the crime, he is expected to be in possession of two out of the thirteen stolen pieces.  The FBI failed in being able to charge Gentile with the crime, even after finding a handwritten list drugs, weapons, a silencer, and $20,000 cash in his home after a search.

The list coupled with the Elene Guarente accusation have many thinking Gentile has knowledge of the heist.

New 8’s Chief Political Anchor Dennis House asked Gentile in an interview if he had any involvement, which he responded with, “Never, never, never even knew about it until the cops came to my house.”

When News 8 asked if he had ever seen the stolen paintings, he responded, “Never.”

FBI Investigators believe he is not telling the truth.

“How can you say I’m lying? They don’t know what my life was and what kind of guy I was. Prove me what I was lying about everything I say is the truth…I have no reason to lie. I’m not a liar. I hate liars because liars and drunks will get you in trouble,” he stated.

Gentile also blames the investigation for his wife’s death.

He told News 8, “She sat in the bedroom there for a long time when I was in jail and I knew she was going to die. She got sick and died worrying about me…She was home with me for six months and she said ‘I can’t take it I’m going to die’ and I found her passed out in the bed dead of a stroke.”

Gentile is now allegedly only living off social security.

Did he get away with the one of the biggest art heists in history?

source: wtnh

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