Chicago Outfit boss Mike Sarno denied compassionate release despite poor health

Chicago Outfit boss Mike Sarno denied compassionate release despite poor health

An unsympathetic judge has denied early release to ailing Chicago mobster Michael “Fat Mike” Sarno.

Due to his numerous health conditions, he has recently lost 200 pounds and has diabetes, chronic obesity, lung, liver, gallbladder, and high blood pressure issues.  The need of a double knee replacement confines him to a wheel chair.  These were all listed as health concerns in his motion for compassionate release.

These weren’t enough for United States District Court Judge Ronald Guzman, who rejected the motion for compassionate release back in September and then denied a follow-up motion over a video conference on Wednesday.  Sarno’s attorney, John Chwarzynski, requested that Sarno serve the remainder of his 25 year racketeering sentence (11 years to go) in home confinement.  Guzman’s main argument for not granting “immediate relief” was that Sarno had received his second COVID-19 vaccination shot.  More hearings are scheduled for the spring.

“Mr. Sarno’s health is severely deteriorating and he’s not receiving proper care or proper treatment in the custody of the Bureau Of Prisons,” Chwarzynski said.

The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office detail Sarno running the Chicago mafia as “acting boss” from 2005 to late 2010, when he was found guilty of setting a rival’s video poker machine company ablaze in Berwyn, Illinois.

Sarno is expected to be released in 2032 if there is no judicial interference.


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