Albanian gangs taking power in Italy after huge mafia bust

Albanian gangs taking power in Italy after huge mafia bust

Gangs originating from Albania are allegedly taking advantage of the recent mafia crackdown in Italy, which is putting hundreds of associates on trial.

Albanian organized crime has had a fairly large presence in Italy since the 1990s, but they are reportedly increasing their power as the country takes aim at its indigenous mafia families.

The biggest anti-mafia trial since the 1980s is focused on the ‘Ndrangheta, one of Europe’s most powerful families.  The trial is currently underway in the southern Calabria – which is also a main headquarters for the ‘Ndrangheta.

The Albanians are reportedly already responsible for supplying Italy with an estimated 3 billion euros worth of cannabis every year.  Police state that the Adriatic route is used to traffic a significant portion of Class-A drugs to Europe.

Crime experts warn that these Albanian gangs will see this mafia group crackdown as an opportunity to expand their jurisdiction and operations, with the goal of becoming Italy’s primary crime force.  Allegedly, they already hold a firm grip on Rome and Milan and are now extending their influence in southern Italy.

Disputes between rival Albanian gangs have led to murders and attacks across Italy as groups scramble to seize the power vacuum left by dismantled mafia clans, with a recent high profile shooting near Rome attributed to the crime wars.


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