The “Tooka” Gregory Hit: Gangster Disciples’ Murder 10 Years Ago Back In News Because Of GTA V Beef

January 15, 2021 – Rappers Chief Keef and YBN Almighty Jay engaged in a minor tiff last week in an on-line video-game (GTA V) forum over the memory of slain Gangster Disciple Shondale (Tooka) Gregory, gunned down in Chicago ten years ago this week.

The YBN crew, which started as a gaming crew and then transitioned successfully into the world of hip hop, is from Alabama and on Atlantic Records’ roster of trap rap acts. Chief Keef hails from the South Side of Chicago and has pioneered the drill rap sound over the past decade. His Glo Gang label is an imprint of Interscope Records.

In a session of GTA V last Friday, YBN Almighty Jay jumped on-line and said, “Alright, alright, it’s Jay the young’n, Fuck Tooka, let me get in here.” Chief Keef, took exception and responded on his social media accounts by saying “Why you even saying shawty’s name, the shit old.”

Chief Keef and Tooka Gregory were in rival sets on the streets of the Windy City, with Chief Keef and Glow Gang repping the Black Disciples and Tooka Gregory being affiliated with the Gangster Disciples. The 15-year old Gregory was blown away at a Chicago bus stop on January 12, 2012.

Based on postmortem chatter on social media, Tooka was not well liked (GD Nation did tag a region of territory “Tookaville” in his honor). Mocking him and dancing on his grave have become commonplace in certain circles of the Midwest rap scene. Smoking “Tooka” is now slang for strong marijuana (referencing Tooka’s “smoking” at the hands of the Black Disciples) alternatively used as a diss against someone you would want to “smoke,” or shoot to death.  

Recently-slain Chicago rapper King Von, a protégé of Lil’ Durk, name-checked Tooka in his and Lil’ Durk’s single, All These Niggas.

“Got Tooka in my lungs, I say that every time, ‘cause he got smoked,” King Von rapped in the single released in August, three months before he was shot to death in Atlanta this past fall.

King Von was a nephew of Black Disciples founder David Barksdale, who died of kidney failure in the 1970s. Barksdale had merged forces with Gangster Disciples boss Larry Hoover before he passed, but the group dynamic soon frayed with Barksdale no longer in the picture.

Tooka Gregory joined Hoover’s Gangster Disciples at a young age and made as many enemies as he did friends with his cocksure and shoot-first-ask-questions last demeanor on the street. Hoover runs GD nation from his prison cell.

Tooka Gregory’s murder was in retaliation for the murder of Black Disciples member Eddrick (Trigger Ty) Walker. The triggerman in the Tooka hit was allegedly Odee (O-Dawg) Perry, a Black Disciples enforcer. Less than a year later, Perry was killed in August 2011, allegedly by female Gangster Disciples lieutenant, Gakirah (Snoop) Barnes. Snoop Barnes, nicknamed after the female hit woman in the television show The Wire, was subsequently murdered herself in 2014.

The Black Disciples renamed a section of the South Side O-Block in memory of Odee Perry. Chief Keef’s Glow Gang reps the O-Block and LAMRON crews in BD Nation.

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