Junior Wiseguy Pete Tuccio Cops Plea In Arson Shakedown, NYC, Philly Mob Pal Ready To Do 10 Piece

January 13, 2021 – Young, ambitious New York and Philadelphia mob associate Pete Tuccio took a plea deal this week and will do 10 years in federal prison for extortion. The 27-year old Tuccio is connected to the Lucchese and Gambino crime families in New York and close to Bruno-Scarfo crime family boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino in Philly.

Since 2017, Tuccio has been seen frequently in the company of the Merlino crew, chauffeuring Merlino to court appointments in the Big Apple and hanging out with Merlino lieutenants in Philly and New York. Skinny Joey, 58, relocated to Florida after serving a prison sentence for racketeering.

Tuccio was charged in 2018 with extortion for torching a debtor’s car in Queens on behalf of Gambino captain Ignazio (Uncle Iggy) Alonga four years prior. He is the nephew of Lucchese captain Joseph (Joe Café) DeSena. With his plea, Tuccio is admitting he collected $5,000 worth of street tax from a Queens pizza parlor owner being shaken down by the now-deceased Uncle Iggy Alonga and set the victim’s Mercedes-Benz aflame when he neglected to make a $400 payment.

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