Scapegoat, Kingpin Or Both? Kronk Boxer Darrell Chambers Getting Out Of Prison, Returning To Detroit

January 5, 2021 – Former Detroit drug chief and pro boxer Darrell Chambers walks free this week from more than 25 years in federal prison for narcotics distribution in the Kronk Boxing cocaine case. Chambers, 60, benefited from a sentence reduction for being a non-violent offender. His original sentence amounted to life in prison without parole for a 1994 coke bust.

Professional informant Andrew Chambers testified to his dealings with Darrell Chambers (no relation) and DEA agents testified to surveilling a meeting between the pair in the Bahamas to negotiate a $500,000 purchase of cocaine at a trial in 1995. Andrew Chambers was caught perjuring himself in 16 different cases federal prosecutors used him as a witness in. He cleared $4,000,000 in payment from Uncle Sam for his service in dozens of cases across the country.

Darrell Chambers boxed out of the historic Kronk Gym, home to more than 40 world champions. The gym was run by legendary boxing trainer Manny Steward and produced Tommy (Hit Man) Hearns, a contemporary and close friend of Chambers and his family.

Many believe Chambers was scapegoated by the feds for him not “giving up” Steward and Hearns for money laundering offenses. Sources claim Chambers refused a deal from the U.S. Attorney in Detroit which would have required him to lie about Steward and Hearns’ knowledge of and complicity in underworld activity.

Turning pro in 1981, Chambers (22-2), a born-and-bred eastside Detroiter, burst out of the gate to a 12-0 start and got a shot against highly-regarded Bobby Joe Young in a 1983 nationally-televised bout in Las Vegas. He lost via TKO in the ninth round. By the early 1990s, Chambers was one of the biggest dope boys in the Motor City.

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