Philly Mafia’s, “Prince of Thieves,” On His Way Home For The Holidays, Grande Gets Bail In Fed Case

December 15, 2020 – Alleged Philadelphia mob captain Domenic (Baby Dom) Grande will be home for Christmas after all.

The 41-year old Grande was finally granted bail Monday in his drug and racketeering case that dropped last month in the days before Thanksgiving. He’s been behind bars for three weeks.

Fox Philly 29 and Mob Talk Sitdown’s Dave Schratwieser broke the news of Baby Dom Grande’s impending release from custody. Grande’s ascent up the underworld food chain has been swift, going from soldier to skipper to reported heir apparent in a matter of five short years in the early-to-mid 2010s. Many speculate Grande is being groomed to one day head the Philly mob.

Originally, Grande was denied his bond request alongside that of Steven (Handsome Stevie) Mazzone, the Bruno-Scarfo crime family’s reputed underboss and the No. 1 defendant in the case. They’ve both pleaded not guilty in the case that holds maximum sentences ranging from 20 to 40 years.

On Monday, Grande’s lawyer, Brian McMonagle, worked some of his trademark magic and got Baby Dom released to home confinement on a $2,000,000 bond that he must post $200,000 of. Grande, viewed as a rising star in east coast mafia circles, is newly married and has a baby of his own on the way.

Mazzone, 57, remains locked up awaiting trial. In the 2000s, Mazzone did prison time for racketeering.

Grande is Mazzone’s nephew via marriage. Grande’s father, Salvatore (John Wayne) Grande, was an enforcer and hit man for the Bruno-Scarfo crime family of the 1980s. “Wayne” Grande flipped after a drug bust in the can.

Baby Dom himself is considered a suspect in the December 2012 gangland slaying of mob associate Gino DiPietro, however has never faced any charges in the homicide. Mazzone beat a series of murder counts at his 2001 federal racketeering trial.

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