Calabria is ndrangheta, Domenico Tallini arrested: the president of the regional council under house arrest

November 21, 2020 | Original article by Il Messaggero published on November 19, 2020 | Translated from Italian

The 68-year-old president of the Calabria Regional Council , Domenico Tallini , of Forza Italia, was arrested and placed under house arrest by the carabinieri on charges of external complicity in mafia association and Mafia political electoral exchange . The investigation that led to Tallini’s arrest concerns his alleged relations with the Grande Aracri clan of the ‘Ndrangheta . “He provided a concrete contribution to the association and accepted from the clan the promise to procure votes,” reads the order signed by the investigating judge.

According to the accusation, Domenico Tallini’s relations with the Grande Aracri clan would have involved the establishment of a company, based in Catanzaro, aimed at the wholesale distribution of medicinal products through a network of outlets consisting of pharmacies and parapharmacies (20 in Calabria, two in Puglia and one in Emilia Romagna).

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Tallini would have provided support to the clan , especially in the start-up phase of the project and his intervention, according to what the carabinieri reported, would also have been reciprocated with the support of the clan in the regional elections of November 2014. Tallini’s contribution would have been decisive in favoring and accelerate the initial bureaucratic process to obtain the necessary authorizations for the establishment of the company for the distribution of medicines.

The disputes

«In the campaign of the elections of the Regional Council of November 2014 he accepted from the exponents of the clan of ‘Ndrangheta di Cutro attributable to Nicolino Grande Aracri, the promise to procure votes through the modalities referred to in art. 416 bis, in exchange for the promise to carry out actions in the political and administrative sphere for the benefit of the economic interests of the association. Specifically, he spent his role as outgoing regional councilor of the Calabria Region to facilitate the conclusion of the administrative procedure for the issue of the necessary authorizations for carrying out the activity of the FarmaItalia Consortium attributable to the Grande Aracri clan ». This is what is read in the order that led to the arrest of the president of the regional council of Calabria, Domenico Tallini, in the context of

Tallini, under house arrest, is accused specifically of external competition in mafia association and political-mafia electoral exchange. According to the ordinance, Tallini, in his view of regional councilor, intervened “at public offices” to “facilitate and accelerate the bureaucratic process for the issue of necessary authorizations in the construction of the FarmaItalia Consortium and of the company ‘Farmaeko Srl’ , which provided for the distribution of over-the-counter medicines “, also promoting” the appointment of the manager of the related regional administrative area “and inducing” the persons in charge of issuing the necessary administrative documentation and certification “.

In the 357-page ordinance, we also read that Tallini, “contacted by a person who proves to be very close to him and equally close to organized crime, Domenico Scozzafava , has spent considerable effort to eliminate all bureaucratic-administrative obstacles for the birth of an entrepreneurial team in which, a little later, his son Giuseppe Tallini will also appear ». According to the ordinance, the documents show that “Tallini was well aware of making a significant contribution to the criminal association and that the flattering electoral return from the places of election of that clan was due to the intimidation heritage that the clan itself undoubtedly holds” . 

Scozzafava , we still read, was the “great elector of Tallini” , who achieved his electoral success thanks to a harvest of votes that came from localities in the Crotone area. In a passage of the ordinance, then, it is emphasized how Tallini suggests to Scozzafava not to talk on the phone: ” Tallini’s recommendation not to talk on the phone (…) also has the further intention of giving an eloquent message to Scozzafava himself, in the sense that it was he who almost certainly had the phone under control, as indeed he was. It was, in fact, only Scozzafava who was being monitored at that moment » . Therefore, the ordinance continues, “it must be assumed that Tallini was aware that Scozzafava was linked to criminal circles » . There is also a moment, continues the ordinance, in which ” Tallini is directly involved in the affairs of the Consortium ” , which marks ” a significant turning point also in the relations between Tallini and Scozzafava, which becomes increasingly aware of being linked ‘to double filed with the commissioner » .  

Nineteen suspects

In the operation of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Commands of Catanzaro and Crotone – called Farmabusiness – which led to the arrest of the President of the Regional Council of Calabria, Domenico Tallini, a total of 19 people are involved, recipients of a precautionary custody order issued by Gip of Catanzaro at the request of the Dda.

They are accused, in various ways, of mafia-type association, external competition in mafia-type association, political-mafia-type electoral exchange, use of money, goods or benefits of illicit origin, illegal possession of weapons, fraudulent transfer of values, attempted extortion , receiving stolen goods and violence or threats to a public official .

The provision originates from two convergent investigative activities, respectively developed by the Carabinieri of the Catanzaro Investigative Unit and the Crotone Investigative Unit, directed and coordinated by the Public Prosecutor, Nicola Gratteri , by the Deputy Prosecutor, Vincenzo Capomolla and by the deputy prosecutors Paolo Sirleo and Domenico Guarascio.

“The investigated emergencies – it is said in a press release issued by the carabinieri – concerned the operation of the ‘Ndrangheta Grande Aracri di Cutro gangin the area of ​​origin and in the Catanzaro territory, with particular reference to the entrepreneurial initiatives launched in the latter province through the re-use of capital of the clan. In particular, the elements collected during the investigations made it possible to define the new structures of the Grande Aracri clan after the operations that affected its main exponents and the head Nicolino Grande Aracri himself. The realization and operation by the suspects were also documented, through the preliminary fictitious registration of goods and utilities. The role of professionals and entrepreneurs in the realization of the gang’s program was also ascertained with regard to the pursuit of economic advantages in the various business sectors of interest.

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Today Tallini was expected in Rome with a delegation composed of the majority regional councilors to participate in the protest demonstration of the ANCI Calabria board to ask for the  end of the health commissioner in Calabria and ” to guarantee our fellow countrymen conditions of equal dignity and treatment in the protection of health. It is necessary to restore dignity to the Calabrian people and its institutions, “he wrote in a note .

Who is Mimmo Tallini

The president of the Regional Council of Calabria finished under house arrest, Domenico Tallini, was elected last March until the last session of the Calabria Regional Council which was dissolved, following the untimely death of President Jole Santelli on 10 November. Tallini was born in Catanzaro on January 29, 1952, he is married and has two children. A former Enel employee, he was elected in the regional district of Calabria in the center of 2020 with the Forza Italia list with over 8,000 preferences. At the top of the highest Calabrian elective assembly he was elected last March. It is in its fourth term.

He became regional councilor for the first time in 2005 in the ranks of the Udeur with about 5,000 preferences; among other things, he held the office of Chairman of the Special Supervisory Commission and was also an alternate member of the Personnel Disciplinary Commission. He was coordinator of Forza Italia in the province of Catanzaro. He ran for the 2000 regional elections, on the FI list, obtaining over 6,500 preferences. In 2014 he was re-elected in the central Calabria district with the Forza Italia list, obtaining 11,000 preferences. He has held the position of Vice-President of the IV Council Commission «Planning, Use of the territory and Protection of the environment», as well as member of the elections council. In 2010 he was elected in the Calabria center with the PDL list with about 10,000 preferences. From 2010 to 2014 he was Deputy Mayor.

It was unpresentable for the Antimafia

Before the elections, Tallini had come under the observation lens of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission which had listed him among the “unpresentable” candidates because he was indicted for several types of corruption.

“Do you remember the latest Calabrian regional ones, in January 2020? This gentleman, current President of the Regional Council of Calabria, of Forza Italia, by virtue of the self-regulation code of the Anti-Mafia Commission, was unpresentable. In his opinion, it was I who was raging against him for a “personal revenge ” . Today he is under house arrest. But it was a ” personal revenge”. This was written by the president of the anti-mafia parliamentary commission, Nicola Morra, commenting on the arrest of the president of the regional council of Calabria, Domenico Tallini, 68, of Forza Italia, accused of external competition in mafia association and mafia political electoral exchange.

The reactions

“I don’t know what to say. I learned it from you at this time. I know he has been in politics for 30 years, he has never been reached by any warranty notice. We know that he is a suspect right now, we will deepen the papers a little … let’s see what it is about ». He said Licia Ronzulli (Fi), to Agora Rai Tre.

«I sent good wishes to Gratteri for a good job: a serious person I know well, when there is a need to clean up he is a guarantee. Tallini attacked me many times. I hope that this affair pushes us to act soon, that he chooses a Calabrian as commissioner. The best answer would be to appoint a mirrored and Calabrian doctor ». Thus the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini , to Rtl 102.5. 

“To him too, as to everyone, I hope to be able to demonstrate his extraneousness to the accusations that have been made against him, but I have never hidden my judgment on Domenico Tallini”. Cristian Invernizzi , the deputy of the League who holds the role of commissioner in Calabria , says it to AdnKronos .

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