The Other Shoe Drops For The Other Guys: Philly Mob Affiliates Go Down For Coke Dealing

November 19, 2020 – Alleged Philadelphia mafia associates Daniel (Cozy) Castelli, Daniel (Danny Blue Eyes) Malatesta, Sr. Danny Bucceroni and Kenny Arabia were quietly indicted by the feds for cocaine trafficking last week. The case dates back to 2016 and intertwines with a mob sting in New Jersey that nabbed two Philly soldiers on coke dealing. If convicted, they are all looking at possible 20-year prison stretches.

Castelli is the father-in-law of South Philly bookie Raymond (Ray Wags) Wagner, a reputed adviser to top mob brass in the city. Malatesta, Sr.’s son, Danny, Jr. is a convicted felon and member of alleged Bruno-Scarfo acting boss George (Georgie Boy) Borgesi’s crew.

The case is tied to the drug busts of Bruno-Scarfo crime family button-men Joseph (Joey Electric) Servidio and Sammy Piccolo two years ago. Servidio and Piccolo both pleaded guilty, getting sentenced to 15 and 12 years in the can, respectively.

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