Back On The Prowl For Answers: Philly Feds Poking Around In DiPietro Hit Again, Show Photo Of Shooter

November 18, 2020 – The FBI’s organized crime unit in Philadelphia is re-examining the 2012 Gino DiPietro murder and issued a wanted poster and a $10,000 reward for information on the partially-unsolved gangland killing Tuesday morning. On the poster was a never-before-seen image of a stocky man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt snapped by a nearby security camera in the moments after the hit that authorities believe is the shooter. Fox 29 TV and Mob Talk Sit Down’s Dave Schratwieser broke the news on his social media accounts.

DiPietro, a convicted drug dealer and suspected informant, was gunned down exiting his car in South Philly outside his residence on Iseminger Street in the late afternoon of December 12, 2012. Forty-eight year old Philly mob soldier Anthony Nicodemo is currently in state prison serving time (30 years) for being the getaway driver in the murder. Police found the murder weapon in Nicodemo’s Honda Pilot SUV less than a half-hour after DiPietro’s slaying. An eyewitness at the scene of the DiPietro hit noted the plate number and passed it on to responding officers.

Nicodemo came up through Philadelphia’s Bruno-Scarfo crime family in the 1990s as a driver and bodyguard for mob boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino. Prosecutors in Nicodemo’s case named reputed mob capo Domenic (Baby Dom) Grande as the triggerman in DiPietro’s murder, but Grande has never faced any charges. Grande, 41, is allegedly being groomed to one day take over the crime family, per sources and was a frequent gangland running buddy of Nicodemo’s.

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