The Free & The Guilty: Two More Latin Kings See Judge In Boston, “King Humble” Coming Home

October 30, 2020 – One Latin Kings boss in Massachusetts went free this week and another pleaded guilty in continuing fallout from last year’s Operation Throne Down. More than 60 members of the mostly Hispanic organized crime group across multiple states were indicted in a RICO case in December 2019 out of Boston.

Worcester chapter president Alvin (King Humble) Mojica was given time served by U.S. District Court Rya Zobel on Wednesday and three years of probation in exchange for a cop to a single drug charge. Days earlier, Zobel accepted a guilty plea from Bienvenido (King Apache) Nunez, the leader of the Latin Kings in all of Massachusetts, on cocaine charges. Mojica did ten months (denied bond upon his arrest last year) and agreed to his deal with the government back in the summer.

The state’s chapter presidents reported to Nunez and Nunez reported to reputed east coast boss Michael (King Merlin) Cecchetelli, who answered only to national administrators in Chicago. Cecchetelli is the No. 1 defendant in the Operation Throne Down case and currently awaiting trial. 

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