Lebron James accused of “dropping rakes” – Gangster Disciples threaten him

Lebron James accused of “dropping rakes” – Gangster Disciples threaten him

Following his NBA Finals win on Sunday, Lebron James was spotted doing a controversial handshake with teammate Dion Waiters.  James and Waiters were seen doing the one-finger handshake, also known as “dropping rakes”, on national television.

Lebron James dropping rakes, Gangster Disciples threaten him

“Dropping rakes” is a disrespectful gesture towards the Gangster Disciples (GD), one of the most powerful Chicago street gangs.  According to MTONews.com, James “upset many in Chicago’s largest gang, the Gangster Disciples” with his hand gestures.

It appears GD members believe that James was intentionally using these hand gestures to show his arguable superiority over the NBA legend Michael Jordan, who was a former member of the Chicago Bulls dynasty.  As you can probably imagine, the Gangster Disciples did not take this too kindly.  Others think that this was completely coincidental, and that James mean’t no disrespect with the handshake.

Angry viewers took to social media, and some went as far as death threats…

As of Tuesday, James has yet to comment or make any public statements on the matter.

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