Freedom In Fall River: Outlaws MC’er Little Jo Jo Let Go From Jail, Awarded Bail In ’19 Murder Case

October 7, 2020 – The Fall River chapter of The Outlaws Motorcycle Club greeted member Joseph (Little Joe Jo) Noe, Jr. at the Bristol County Circuit Court doors in Massachusetts when he was granted bail from a state murder charge last week. Little Jo Jo, who has been locked up for a year, got on his bike and drove off to await his trial at home with a electronic monitoring device wrapped around his ankle.

The 26-year old Noe, Jr. was arrested in September 2019 for the fatal shooting of rival biker Eric Voshell during a fight in the parking lot of a bar in Fall River, a factory town located between Boston and Providence. His dad, Joseph (Joe Dogs) Noe, Sr. is a former boss of the Outlaws’ Taunton chapter.

Joe Dogs, 46, did ten years in prison for racketeering and drugs in the famous 2007 Operation Roadkill bust. Noe, Sr. was pinched for violating his parole (contact with known felons) last November.

The Outlaws recently placed a chapter in Fall River, as part of the club’s New England expansion campaign. Its one of five new outposts in the region, spread across parts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont, for the Midwest-based biker club. Little Jo Jo is in the Fall River chapter.

According to his indictment, Noe, Jr. and his Fall River Outlaws were feuding with Voshell’s Sidewinders Motorcycle Club for months before Voshell was killed. On September 13, 2019, Noe, Jr. and a group of Outlaws were arguing with Voshell and his Sidewinders pals inside J.C.’S Cafe in Fall River and ejected from the establishment. Video footage from a security camera, shows a collection of Sidewinders converging on Little Jo Jo in the parking lot, prior to him retreating and then seconds later reemerging with what looks like a weapon and shooting Voshell.

The Sidewinders are known as a “support” club of the Hells Angels. J.C.’s Cafe is a frequent hangout for Fall River Sidewinders members. The Outlaws and Hells Angels, originally from California, have been at war since the 1970s.

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