Chicago Law & Order: “Bro Man” Argues Double Jeopardy In Trying To Get Famous Gangland Hit Tossed

September 24, 2020 –  Attorneys for Chicago street gang boss LaBar (Bro Man) Spann are asking U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Durkin to throw out one of six pending first-degree homicide counts against him in his upcoming federal drug and murder trial because a jury already found him not guilty of the crime. The 42-year old Spann, the reputed boss of the Four Corner Hustlers, was acquitted of the 2003 slaying of Windy City Latin Kings boss Rudy (King Kato) Rangel in state court 15 years ago.

The Rangel assassination was included in the 2017 case filed against Spann. He’s pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to face trial next year.

King Kato, 30, ran the Chicago Latin Kings and hobnobbed with best-selling rappers like Fat Joe and DMX on the club scene and did business with El Chapo’s Sinaloa cartel in the drug game. At the time of his death, Rangel was one of the most powerful gangland figures in Chicago.

The feds claim the wheelchair-bound Spann ordered Rangel’s murder because Rangel had stolen $150,000 worth of cocaine from Spann’s Four Corner Hustlers gang. King Kato was gunned down as he got his hair cut inside a Westside Chicago barber shop on the evening of June 4, 2003. DMX’s song “A Yo Kato” was penned in his honor.

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