The Highwaymen MC In Motor City Experiencing Violence, Raising Questions In 2020

September 21, 2020 – Motown’s hotbed of a biker community is bursting at the seams with speculation as two members of The Highwaymen Motorcycle Club in Detroit have died violent deaths in the past three months. Are The Highwaymen at war with each other?

Most likely not, but the questions and rumors are buzzing.

Highwaymen MC’er Thomas (Crazy Tom) Curry killed his Highwaymen brother Ron (Greedy) Davies and two others back in the summer and when the feds came closing in last week, he barricaded himself in a Westside Detroit residence with two hostages and engaged in a 30-hour standoff with police before committing suicide. He was declared dead on the scene on September 16.

The hostages were unharmed. The 38-year old Curry fled an attempted traffic stop on the morning of September 15 and holed up in a house in Redford. In the midst of negotiations with authorities during the standoff, he confessed to murdering Greedy Davies, 52, and two others in a Eastside home off 7 Mile Road; shooting them and then setting the house on fire on June 11.

The Highwaymen MC is the oldest home-grown MC in Michigan, tracing its roots back to 1954 and its founding by Motown’s original biker boss, Elburn (Big Max) Barnes in Southwest Detroit. The club maintains chapters in close to a dozen other states outside Michigan and has recently expanded ranks in its home state by patching over some chapters of The Vigilantes. Big Max Barnes died of a sudden heart attack in 1980.

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