Sam the Plumber’s Boys

By The Other Guy | September 13, 2020

        The Ribera Club – circa 1980s

Based in the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey, this small Mafia Family always had a very limited membership. Before the ascension of Sam the Plumber as their “Representante”, this borgata was thought to have no more than possibly 25 to 30 inducted members. After he rose to prominence, Sam was said to have inducted more members. At their 1960s-1970s peak, the FBI suspected the Family to have approximately 40 or so mafiosi in their ranks.

We here at ButtonGuys thought it would be fun to make a pictorial of their better known members. This list is certainly not complete because many members were thought to have kept such a low profile that photographs are not readily available. But we created thumbnails and provided photos where possible. This is a general view of what the Elizabeth Family looked like from the early 1960s through the late 1980s era.

We hope you enjoy!


Francesco (Frank) Guarraci
A low key Sicilian born member who later rose to become boss. After immigrating from the borgata’s homeland of Ribera, he quickly affiliated into the Family. He ran the “Ribera Club”, which was the Family’s headquarters in Elizabeth, and ostensibly worked in Laborers Local #394. A confidante and trusted aide of boss John Riggi.



Frank (Shipe) Nigro
A longtime soldier who served as consigliere in recent years. He was originally groomed under Robert Occhipinti. Nigro was active in the Jersey Shore area in gambling and shylocking rackets. Recently convicted on a RICO conspiracy and jailed.

Stefano (The Truck Driver) Vitabile
The longtime consigliere for the borgata after Frank Majuri retired. He started out as a very close associate and former chauffeur for Sam DeCavalcante. He held a partnership with capo Lou Larasso in the Val Sand and Fill Company where Vitabile served as secretary-treasurer.


Louis (Louie Eggs) Consalvo
A longtime trusted soldier based in New York’s Little Italy neighborhood where he operated a mob social Club. The FBI says Consalvo was recently elevated to a capo position.

Joseph (Uncle Joe) Giacobbe
This member comes from a long line of blood family all connected to this borgata. The Giacobbe’s hail from the Queens, NY neighborhood of Astoria, always a DeCavalcante stronghold. He was one of two capos who ran NYC based regimes active in bookmaking and loan sharking. 


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