GR Exclusive: Reputed Outfit Boss Fat Mike Sarno Speaks Out On Motion To See Early Freedom

August 25, 2020 – Portly Chicago mob figure Michael (Fat Mike) Sarno did an exclusive interview with Gangster Report this week regarding his pending motion for a compassionate release from prison. Sarno, 62, is asking a federal judge to let him out of his sentence for extortion 12 years early due to COVID-19 concerns.

In 2010, Sarno was convicted by a jury for ordering the firebombing of a rival in the video-poker machine business. The FBI believes Sarno ran the Chicago Outfit on a day-to-day basis for the second-half of the 2000s and took control of the organization’s historic Cicero crew in around 2001.

The motion for compassionate release lists lung, liver, prostate, gallbladder and high blood pressure issues. Because of his need for a double knee replacement, the famously extra-large Sarno is confined to a wheelchair.

“My health has been a significant burden for me since the pandemic began,” Sarno said. “I’m not a danger to society. I need to properly address my medical conditions and I can’t do that from in here. If I’m granted a compassionate release, I will spend my entire time back home in Chicago with my family and doctors. I look forward to getting to know and care for my brand new 18-month granddaughter.”

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